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Why choose EAGLE USA for Water Vending Refreshment Services?

We are the solution to your Water Delivery Services!

Home & Office Refreshing Water Delivery

EAGLE USA, Inc. Refreshment Services provides water delivery service to homes and businesses in Northwest Indiana, (NWI) Illiana

Always fresh, always the right temperature  and always pure, refreshing water that’s always ready in your home or office for your busy schedule to help simply your life.

Our office water delivery programs from EAGLE USA, Inc. Refreshment Services provides you with a push-button access to fresh, cleaner drinking water for your convenience in your home, office, or anywhere in your facility. Whether you want hot, cold, or room-temperature water it's always readily available.

Refreshment service from EAGLE USA, Inc. Refreshment Vending Services is one of the leading water delivery companies in NWI, Illiana, providing you with home, office and commercial business delivery of fresh, pure and always refreshing water and refreshment products.

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Welcome to the best water on the planet, delivered right to you.

One taste of our refreshing water and you'll be hooked. Hooked on water that's pure, clean and healthy. Water delivery that's filtered on demand and never sits in a holding tank. Water that's ice cold, piping hot, sparkling or flat.

Available as a Floor Unit or Countertop Model

Ultra modern & contemporary unit
Sleek & stylish titanium & charcoal finish
Heavy duty cabinet design
Reservoir free, instantly chilled water
Resists dirt, stains and scratches
Built in cup dispenser
Germ free, recessed dispensing faucets
Energy efficient operation with sleepmode
Hot water feature
Made in the U.S.A.

image of ION water machine system for residential homes

Endless Supply of Sparkling Water

A Cost-effective alternative.

As employee demand for sparkling water grows, the cost of all those water bottles can add up. That’s why smart companies are switching to the more cost-effective ION sparkling water cooler.

Each ION is equipped with the energy-saving SleepMode™ to help meet your office’s green-energy initiative.
Carbonated, sparkling-water option.
Choose from sleek floor and counter-top models in three colors.

image of four ION Natural Choice floor module water delivery machines

 The ION™, by Natural Choice®

A convenient and affordable way to improve your current water source from water public tap water at home and the office, and eliminate the need for plastic bottles. The ION’s commercial-grade, 1/2-micron, carbon water filter reduces chlorine, odor, lead, and more, improves taste providing fresh pure refreshing water.

The easy-to-change carbon filter replaces 8,000 16-ounce bottles of water.

At the touch of a button:

Every glass is freshly filtered, and Instantly chilled or Instantly heated for tea, cocoa and soups.

Refill your glass, or your water bottle to take along. Each fill is freshly filtered when you want it. There is no reservoir or bottles to change.


How does the water get so bubbly?

Just press a button.
Enjoy an endless supply of clean, refreshing sparkling water at the simple touch of a button.

Just pennies a serving, ION transforms ordinary tap water by combining crisp CO2 micro-bubbles with ice cold, filtered water. The result is simply delicious, fresh water every tome.

Team together with fresh lemons or limes, mix with your favorite fruit juice or even drop in a variety of popular flavorings like MIO® or Crystal Light® and enjoy amazingly thirst quenching refreshment.

With no sugars or fructose added, ION Sparkling Water is the natural choice for a healthy, convenient and affordable alternative to soft drinks.

Why You'll Love the ION Water System

No Stale Water! Freshly Filtered Water

Unlike other coolers, the ION is reservoir-free which means it never holds or stores drinking water that was filtered days or weeks earlier. Instead, the ION's uniquely engineered design uses a sealed and pressurized water pathway, freshly filtering every glass of water instantly on demand.

The benefits for you- Filtering on demand means your water is always the freshest and at its best. The ION is all about clean, refreshing water and with commercial grade filtration the ION changes normal public tab water to pure, refreshing water free from contaminants and bacteria.


Instantly Chilled
Chill Out

Instantly Chilled with InstaChill™

By having the ION’s water pathway completely sealed it allows the water to be instantly chilled using the InstaChill™ system, which means your water is ice cold right before hitting the bottom of your glass. Other coolers chill the actual reservoir tank of filtered water and on poor quality units when the warm tap is used it warms the once cold water as well, meaning that the once cold water is now warm. Never a problem with the ION.

In cafeterias, the ION is placed right next to soft drink dispensers. If your campus is on a fixed meal plan, you'll save a lot of money dispensing refreshing – and healthy – drinking water from an ION vs. expensive soft drinks.

The Other Coolers

Other coolers chill a reservoir tank of filtered drinking water. But as soon as warm water enters that tank, you get warm water coming out of the faucet. Most coolers are rated for 0.8 gallons of water per hour at 50 F. That's not even cold.

Never run out of hot water.

The ION hot on demand is always ready whenever you are, with piping hot water for your tea, pasta or hot chocolate.
The ION hot water dispenser is everyone’s cup of tea because its in-line design and advanced temperature control support the high capacities needed to keep larger crowds happy.

Serving up to two gallons of freshly filtered hot water an hour, the ION hot water cooler’s faucet and faucet body are self-sterilized for optimal hygiene with each cup of 180°F water dispensed.

Hygiene at 180ºF

With ION the heater is kicked in the second you touch the button which keeps the hot water flowing even in high traffic areas. Having 180 degree water at your fingertips means no more waiting for water to boil, it opens up a world of possibilities for the lunchroom. ION is the perfect combination of filtration and instant hot water in one appliance.

Countless Uses: Carafes or Cooking

Dispensing 180 F water at the touch of a button brings up all kinds of possibilities. ION gives you more capacity by combining software, digital sensors, and a little common sense. Other coolers are using old-fashioned mechanical thermostats, which lag the real temperature inside the tank.

Perfect for offices where employees may prefer other beverage choices. Serve a carafe of Green Tea at your next team meeting. Or get your pasta jump-started and "done" in 3 minutes, not 10-15. Fill the kid's mugs with rich cocoas, knowing that they won't be drinking chlorine, lead, and other contaminants. ION is the perfect combination of filtration and instant hot water in one appliance.

Let Us Know How We Can Serve You

Contact us today at (800) 282-2842 to schedule an appointment to discuss providing pure refreshing water in your home or facility. For your convenience you may also complete our quick online refreshment service delivery quote form. We will contact you within 24 hours!


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